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Why MEDIHERE Membership?

a reasonable price relative to the high cost of medical care abroad.

*No Copay

Unlimited chat-based online consultation

Proceed in Korean

Reduce the time

What we treat

Our online doctors consult patients in Korean and English via chat, call, video from urgent care to second medical opinion 


Urgent care

Cold, Flu, Cough, Fever, Headache, Vomiting, Asthma, Sinus infection, Rash, General allergy, Seasonal allergies, Hives, Fatigue, Migraine, Joint pain, Stress management, Erectile dysfunction, etc.


Preventive Health

Health Counseling, Emotional health, Smoking cessation, Health checkup Counseling, Vitamin deficiency, Child rash/cold /fever, Developmental counseling, Immunization, Heart health care, Hormone Replacement Counseling, Skin Condition, Behavioral Health checkup, Pre-diabetes screening, Metabolic syndrome, Obesity, Drug Appetite Changes, Drug interactions, and Safe use of generic drugs are treated.


Providing patients with second Medical Opinion. Based on your medical records and data, MEDIHERE will tell you the most effective treatment. 

Second Medical Opinion


The cold medicine didn't cure me well, so I received telemedicine and the nodules and colds came together. I got better soon after finding out the cause.

“It was so useful when I studied abroad.”

I overcame the depression that came from studying abroad, which was difficult and unfamiliar, through psychological counseling in Korean at MEDIHERE.

“The depression that came while studying abroad.”

I had a skin rash and received telemedicine, but I easily understood medical terms that were difficult to understand in English.

“Korean-language medical treatment”

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