We Connect
Doctors and Patients
to Save Their Lives

MEDIHERE is here for the ...

Patients with chronic diseases and hence needs to manage their health continuously

Patients who find it hard to explain their symptoms due to language barrier

Patients who want to stay healthy abroad.


Patients can use MEDIHERE App and see their online doctors anywhere.

Admin Website for Doctor

Doctors can manage schedules and see the overviews of patients on MEDIHERE Web.

How-to-use Video

Click the link below and check how to match up, chat, and counsel with doctors.


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파이낸셜뉴스   2020. 08

메디히어-한양대병원 원격진료 위한 인공지능 개발 MOU

동아일보  2020. 04

앱으로 원격진료… 글로벌 ‘온라인 병원’ 꿈이 쑥쑥

매일경제  2020. 04

인더뉴스  2020. 03