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Your own PCP will help you stay healthy.



Unlimited virtual primary care

Meet your own PCP easily and quickly

Chronic diseases, mild ailments, and medical consultation

Personalized primary care services


Reasonable price compared to visiting doctors

Unlimited virtual primary care

Consultation both in English and Korean

Less time and money taken than visiting doctors


Subscription Plan

MEDIHERE’s Services

MEDIHERE’s qualified doctors provide 

emergency care, health consultation in Korean and English


Emergency Care

We care cold, flu, cough, fever, headache, vomiting, asthma, sinus infection, rash, general allergy, seasonal allergy, urticaria, fatigue, migraine, joint pain, stress management, erectile dysfunction and other illnesses


Health consultation

We care general health consultation, emotional care, smoke-quitting consultation, health examination consultation, vitamin deficiency, children's rash/cold/heat, developmental consultation, vaccination, heart health care, hormone replacement consultation, skin condition, behavioral health check-up, pre-diabetes, obesity, drug intake change, drug interaction, safe use of general medicine


Cold medicine hadn’t worked for me, so I used MEDIHERE and a PCP suggested me an appropriate medication, and I got well soon.

​"It was useful when I was sick"

An acute rash had bothered me, but thanks to MEDIHERE, I has gone away shortly.

​"Whenever, and wherever"

High medical fee kept me away from clinics, so I used MEDIHERE and met them online instead.

​"Affordable price, optimal option!"


What is MEDIHERE’s virtual care?

MEDIHERE’s online PCPs counsel with you to assess your symptoms and see if there is any underlying issues, provide comments on your diet, suggest you to try a specific medication and answer any questions that arise in your daily life.

Can I receive prescription?

Only if you make an appointment with the doctors. The prescription can be checked on the mobile app, and can be sent to nearby pharmacy if you want, via facsimile. (Medical consultation service doesn’t provide prescription.)

Will my medical record stored securely?

Yes. One of MEDIHERE’s main concern is to keep patients’ information private and confidential and hence we are HIPAA compliant. We also invest heavily on the sort of technology to conform with the security standards  and security laws.



Meet your online doctor anytime and anywhere




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